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    Lambda Phi Epsilon is the largest and only internationally recognized Asian American interest fraternity. Founded in 1981 at UCLA, Lambda Phi Epsilon seeks to promote Asian American awareness and is uniquely tailored to the Asian American experience. Traditional Asian campus organizations often split along lines of national origins and often lack continuity in the memberships in those organizations with yearly turnover of officers and members. Student associations provide a circle of friends during your undergraduate experience and at worst, familiar strangers during periodic social functions. Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that is rich in tradition, values, and vision and seeks to enrich the male college student experience. We offer brotherhood that will endure the passage of time. We perform community service, are involved in the Asian American community, cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships, and look out for all of our brothers across the country, all while maintaining high academic standards. We study hard; we work hard; we play hard.

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    Lambda Phi Epsilon prides itself on having a strong nationwide network of brothers that will have your back, even beyond graduation. Brothers at RIT have received financial housing aid and job referrals from out of state chapters. We emphasize that joining Lambda Phi Epsilon is not an experience self contained to RIT. Unlike most fraternal organizations, we affiliate ourselves with our sister sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, who extends the same hospitality you will find from our brothers.

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    Our mission is to guide men on a lifelong discovery of authenticity and personal growth. This will fulfill our vision for a world where Lambda men live authentic, fulfilling lives and contribute through the pursuit of their noble purpose. As a member of Lambda Phi Epsilon you will be built to become a Leader Among Men.

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    Lambda Phi Epsilon is strongly committed to community service, which is a natural consequence of our ethnic focus. In 1995, a Stanford brother Evan Chen was diagnosed with leukemia. The fraternity along with Evan’s friends organized a joint effort to find a bone marrow match for Evan. What resulted was the largest bone marrow drive in the history of the National Marrow Donor Program and AADP (Asian American Donor Program). In a matter of days, over 2000 people were typed. A match was eventually found for Evan, unfortunately by that time the disease had taken its toll on him and he passed away in 1996. Evan’s struggles taught us much about the true meaning of brotherhood and sacrifice, and his memories live on with us today. In his memory, every semester, we bring a representative of Be The Match on campus to collect samples in hopes to find a match for those in need.



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